Looking for Something That Will Renew Your Mindset?

I am going to be posting some more Bible Journaling soon, but I want to share a couple of resources that I really like. I am not affiliated with these resources in any way, but I do listen to them regularly. By the way, be sure to enter my Tori Kelly CD giveaway between now and Sept. 12.

Your Move with Andy Stanley

ymthumbI listen to this as a weekly podcast while I’m walking or driving, and it is very good. You can also watch the episodes online. Andy Stanley shares God-given wisdom for living. I have had a lot of “ah-ha” moments listening to him. He knows what it means to share God’s truth in a loving way.

Move The Mountains

This is a wonderful resource for Bible Journaling tutorials, challenges, and studies. Before I had ever even heard of Bible Journaling, Amanda posted a Journaling Bible giveaway online. She was just getting her website started. I entered and won a Journaling Bible. When I opened it, it was so pretty that I felt nervous about making art in it. The Bible I won from Amanda is the same Bible that I journal in for the site that you are reading right now. I don’t know Amanda personally, but I am glad I won that giveaway about two years ago!


The Simple podcast is thought-provoking. It challenges you to go beyond the mainstream. This is a podcast for anyone, Christian or not, who wants to live with more purpose and simplicity. Even though it is not a religion-based podcast, I think it appeals to many Christians who realize that we must go beyond the consumer mindset to live authentically in this life. This is a podcast for intelligent people who see through the status quo. It also gives a global perspective, which I enjoy.

God Centered Mom Podcast

This is a Christian podcast that I’ve found to be very encouraging when I’m walking, driving, or even cleaning the house. God’s truth is presented in a way that is powerful, insightful, and very approachable.

A Playlist

If you’re building a Spotify playlist of worship music, remember some Mandisa! I love her music and her testimony.

I encourage you to upgrade your week by checking out one of the resources I mentioned. All of the podcasts are on Stitcher and other podcast apps. The Andy Stanley broadcasts are also available as videos on his site, and Amanda is active on YouTube and Instagram. These free resources for life and faith will uplift and challenge you, I promise.

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A Journey of the Heart

What is the heart behind the art?

Bible Journaling is more than paint and pens on a page. It is an act of worship toward God.

I want my worship to be acceptable, pleasing to Him. Hebrews 12:28 says, “Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.”

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Bible Journaling Journey

Every time we Bible Journal, we have the opportunity to worship in an acceptable way that shows reverence and awe. For me, personally, that means I pray and read the Word before I journal. As I journal, I am careful not to cover up the actual words — the whole point of Bible Journaling in the first place.

Without the Word, we would have no reason to do Bible Journaling in the first place. Some people use light watercolors that allow the verses to still be seen and read. That feels okay to me — but ask yourself, and ask God in prayer, how can I keep this practice pleasing and reverent to You?

This is not scrapbooking or mindless doodling. No, I don’t have to be Picasso or Leonardo or Monet to Bible Journal. In fact, a little reminder of my own humanity in the process is just fine with me. I’ve heard that the Amish sew mistakes into their quilts on purpose to show humility. Jesus was the only perfect person, God in human form, and that is something to be glad about. I don’t have to be perfect.

I do need to make sure I’m doing this with the right heart, though. I shouldn’t be doing it for compliments (Although, hey, if you have some words of affirmation, I do like that. Shout out to the Five Love Languages. Just sayin’…). I shouldn’t be doing this as a mere creative outlet.

The reason I Bible Journal is that I have actually heard God speak to me in his still, small voice through the process. God has communicated with me through it. That’s why I do believe it is pleasing to Him.

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Bible Journaling Journey

I have learned a lot too. I never thought much about the Hebrew or Greek words in verses until I started Bible Journaling and looking words up in their original translation. As a true word geek, that is fascinating. Your understanding of the scriptures can become so much richer when you do this.

Why do you Bible Journal? You don’t have to tell me, unless you want to, but definitely think about it.

At Bible Journaling Journey, I want to share my Bible Journaling thoughts and experiences with you and also give you lots of creative ideas and prompts to use on your own journey.

Would you join me?

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Bible Journaling Challenge #1: What does it mean to worship God with reverence and awe in your Bible Journaling? Create a page based on Hebrews 12:28. What is the heart behind your art? Do you see Bible Journaling as worship? If not, ask God how you can turn it into a form of humble worship.

God bless your journey today. See you soon.

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Bible Journaling Journey



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