Bible Journaling Challenges

If you end up doing the challenges, let me know on my contact page! I would love to share what you’ve created.

post 1Bible Journaling Challenge #1: What does it mean to worship God with reverence and awe in your Bible Journaling? Create a page based on Hebrews 12:28. What is the heart behind your art? Do you see Bible Journaling as worship? If not, ask God how you can turn it into a form of humble worship. Check out this post for more thoughts on Bible Journaling as worship.

Resized952018040795144911(1)Bible Journaling Challenge #2: The Word of God is the Sword of the Spirit. What does that mean to you? Hand-letter a verse inside the shape of a sword, or draw yourself holding a sword. Check out this post for more on the Sword of the Spirit.

hopeChallenge #3: Think about how you can create a legacy with your Bible journaling. Pray about how God can help you use it to communicate your faith or to put you in the right mindset to make a real impact wherever you are.


Challenge #4: Create a piece of art or a page in your Journaling Bible that celebrates how God sees you as a believer in him. Include a verse or words that speak to you. Hint: Day Two of the Flourish Bible Journaling Conference had an excellent tutorial from Scripture Doodle on how to create a “she” portrait.

Journaling Bible Front

Challenge #5: Do something in (or on the cover of) your Journaling Bible just because it will bring you joy. I used Velcro to attach a cross to my Bible, and I love it. When I want the Bible to lay flat, I can remove the cross.

Bible Journaling Challenge #6: Do you have a spiritual memory that you could commemorate in your Journaling Bible? For my memory-keeping page, I included the dried palm leaf that I folded into a cross and parts of that day’s church bulletin that I cut out and painted with simple watercolors.

full page 1

Bible Journaling Challenge #7: Think of a word you would like to explore through Bible Journaling. Look up Bible verses that have the word in them, and pick one that speaks to you the most. Look up the word from the verse in the original Hebrew or Greek (if you are a “word person,” this could be meaningful for you). Check out my post about it.

restoreBible Journaling Challenge #8: Think of a place or time that you felt restored. The New International Version of the verse says “refreshes.” Looking at Psalm 23, create a journaling page based on a memory of being restored or refreshed. Especially in the heat of summer or in a “desert season” in your life, the moments of refreshment are encouraging to remember. Here is my post about it

Bible Journaling Challenge #9: Find a verse about hope or the Holy Spirit that speaks to you, and create a page about it in your Journaling Bible. You could just write out the verse, or you could illustrate it with something meaningful to you. If you are not sure what verse to use, Romans 5:3-5 is a good one. Here is my post about hope.


Bible Journaling Challenge #10: Have you ever had a certain person’s story from the Bible really stick with you the way that Solomon’s request for wisdom stuck with me when I was young? No, Solomon was not perfect, but his request for wisdom was honored by God. As you consider a person from the Bible who has inspired you, what was it about the person’s story that was meaningful for you? Maybe it was David, Esther, Moses, or Timothy. Create a Bible Journaling page based on the wisdom you have gained from that person’s life. Check out my post about the kingdom and wisdom.

Bible Journaling Challenge #11: Do something unexpected in your Bible Journal (click the word “unexpected” to see my post on this!). Also, look into ways people celebrate Advent day-by-day in anticipation of Christmas. My family lights candles on an Advent candle stand, opens windows on an Advent calendar, and reads Bible verses together each evening. It’s something you might want to incorporate into your own traditions.

stones other

Bible Journaling Challenge #12: Check out the Bible Journaling Association site to see if there is an event near you. Also, click here to try out the mixed media technique that I shared. It is really fun!