About Me



My name is Teresa. I am a mom and a teacher. I love dogs, hiking, art, reading (as much as possible), road trips, listening to good music, and –of course — Bible Journaling! I hope you are inspired by what you see on Bible Journaling Journey. If you are, send me a little note on my Contact page, or leave a comment on one of my posts. Honestly, I love to connect with people on a deeper level, but I am not huge on all of the social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. I feel like it’s a distraction for me personally. Yes, this site would probably grow faster if I would use them (at some point I might change my mind), but right now I am praying that God will bring the right people here. I don’t need a lot of people to visit (although, obviously, that would be awesome). I just want the right people, ones who will be touched by what I’m sharing, to show up on the journey with me. If my writing seems familiar, maybe you’ve read some of the book reviews on my first blog, Mama Muse Me, where I started exploring online writing a couple years ago. I have closed the Mama Muse Me chapter in my life, but the Bible Journaling Journey is just getting started.

Glad you are here! 🙂